Reflection of Week Sixteen

Week beginning 15th May – 21st May


As per usual, this morning was setting up the next sprint of the project. We have two and a half sprints left in this project and it’s all starting to really come together. I foresee that we’ll have most if not all of the necessary assets and tutorials in by this Friday which is the big Playtest day. The extra Town area is something that is an added level anyway that sets us up to expand Twilleir after university if we choose to so this isn’t so much the main focus. 

James informed me of some more assets that he’s in need of or that he needs altering to suit the project. As they’re not massively big undertakings I will be getting on with this today so that we don’t have more added tasks to the back burner. These tasks are:

  • Making an end of mini-game Crafting Panel showing the potion you made and the score
  • Making adjustments to the Market Panel so that you can see how many ingredients you already hold. I.e. when you select Pine, the market panel will show you how many you have left in your inventory so you don’t overspend etc
  • L’hallen and Meidryn race buttons for the Character Customisation level

I’ve managed to get these done relatively quickly as I used panels and buttons that I had already previously created and altered the colours. This way, the UI has some consistency within the game and gives it a ‘whole’ feel. Below is what I worked on this morning:

The next steps of today are producing the rest of the bits and pieces for the Character Customisation for the Meidryn. I’m using Pinterest and my teammates in order to get some inspiration for both hair styles, accessories and eye shapes. Even though we’re not going too in depth with the character customisation due to it being an Alpha build, I’d still like to give the Players some variation and choice in the game. 

From my Pinterest link I’ve been sketching some potential ideas and styles for the Meidryn character which I will be carrying on with tomorrow and taking it to paint where I’ll test what works and what doesn’t.

Tuesday – Friday

Over the past few days, I’ve been spending my time refining the work that I already had done on the Character Customisation and progressing with the two races that we’re using in the Alpha/Tutorial which is the L’Hallen and the Meidryn races.
I’ve been having many issues with layers and having to organise what goes where and what is visible and what isn’t which originally slowed down the process. Now I’ve a better understanding of some short cuts etc which have helped me to speed up a bit. 

So far, I’ve managed to complete the Meidryn character in full and have finished the ‘female’ aspect of the L’Hallen. As mentioned before, we’re not having Gender be an icon or option in a sense, what we’re doing is having a range of two face shapes, six eye shapes, eight hairstyles and eight accessories. This way people can choose whatever they want and be whoever they want to be with minimal restrictions – I mean, come on, it’s Fantasy!

I received some great feedback from the target audience when I asked them whether they would like to see a character with no hair (Alopecia) as I realised that not many games seem to include anything like this. People loved the idea and really thought I should go with it so I’m doing it! 

They also loved that you could choose different piercings as these and tattoos are still stereotyped in the ageing and unaccepting workplaces of today. I didn’t do tattoos as we’re only focusing on the bust area, however, I’m baring this in mind for the future when we decide to take Twilleir further. 

I’ve still got the ‘male’ L’Hallen to finish which is a shame as I sort of wanted to have it done in time for the big Playtest tomorrow but I’d rather not rush it. The Player will still have the Meidryn which they can test out and then the rest of the L’Hallen can be added in afterwards. 

Below is what I’ve been working on:

Now that these are finished, James will be able to drop these into the build, test it all works and functions correctly and then the character customisation section of the game is complete! YAY. There are quite a few aspects that I’d like to change and adapt, however, this will likely be a job for after University when we have more time due to time restrictions; we’ve managed to show how it would function in the Alpha which is enough to ‘set the scene’. 

Play Test Day!

Today was the play test day where it was expected that people from around the university would come forth and test our games. Unfortunately, over the 4 hours, only two people turned up which was a great shame. However, we made use of each other in the studio and Twilleir were lucky to have Aaron and Liam from third year and James W from the second year test our game. None of them had played through the game before so it was great to watch them work out what to do from tutorials as well as rip it apart thoroughly. It was so useful to have people who hadn’t played before as it meant that we could see if it is easy enough to understand and have some fresh feedback. 

Here are the bits of feedback we received:

  • Text slightly off with Eliza
  • Needs a delay on the Harvesting mini-game as it’s too abrupt
  • Need an example of how to do Crafting because it wasn’t clear what to do
  • The names in the commission panel are different to the potion book?
  • There’s a fish having a fit in the garden?
  • Tutorial repeats itself after harvesting a plant
  • Garden background art doesn’t cover the width of the screen
  • Commissions go to the panel even if you decline 
  • UI is larger in the Greenhouse
  • Managed to craft by clicking one colour over and over again?
  • Make PNGs in harvesting mini-game not stretched
  • I want to check my dream book all the time 
  • Put the ingredients of the potions in the commission’s panel
  • Let the Player know what they have and what they need to have when the commissions come in
  • The leaves in the garden (falling) render behind the Greenhouse door
  • When the plants are ready, will they die if you don’t harvest them?
  • Names of the crops in the inventory screen are needed
  • Can’t make the flying potion even if have all ingredients

These were just some comments that the guys wrote down and asked but I also made a survey that they were to fill out afterwards. Below are the questions with thae answers that everyone put plus the average star score:

1. On a scale of 1 – 5 ( 1 being awful and 5 being fricking awesome) how many stars would you rate the Alpha build of Twilleir?

3.6 stars

2. If you had to use three words to describe Twilleir, what would they be? I.e. thematically etc





Too much text

Good story




3. What parts did you enjoy the most (if at all)?

“The Garden”

“Dungeon! Farming!”

“Making money. The variety of genres. Working out what I could afford and what Ingredients I need to find”

“I liked the farming system. The randomness of the dungeoneering was exciting and the most fun”

4. What parts didn’t you enjoy or didn’t think worked )if at all)?

“The rest of the game”

“My plant died. Didn’t have enough time to realise what was going on”

“Not knowing the name of ingredients, or what ingredients I need at any particular point. Not knowing what I recieved from a dungeon. Having to go back and forth to the Dream book.”

“The crafting didn’t have much explanation and seemed random – hard to do. The farming system could have something extra.”

5. Was there anything in the game that you didn’t understand? If there was, please explain what and any suggestions you have!

“The Dungeons part”

“Maybe a little more directioning, although maybe I should have spentmore time reading”

“It was difficult to grasp what potions were what. The crafting mini-game didn’t tell me when I failed and what the consequences were for that.”

“Quicktime events to the Dungeoneering possibly?”

6. On a scale of 1 – 5 (1 being ‘eurgh, no!’ and 5 being ‘hell yeah!’) would you be interested in playing the full Twilleir game if it was released?

4.5 stars

Overall, we got lots of amazing feedback from everyone and it has given us plenty to think about. There’s lots of essential maintenance that’s needed but then there are some extras that we didn’t think about which we’ll need to decide if they’re needed. This is what James will be mainly be working on over the next couple of weeks before the deadline to make sure it’s playable and easy enough to understand. Millie and I will be working on the remaining bits of artwork that’s still needed as well as the trailer and looking into whether we continue with Steam greenlight or whether we go with Patreon.

This will all be a job for next week as this weekend is dedicated to moving Millie and James into their new place. 


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