Reflection of Week Fifteen – WE’RE NEARLY THERE GUYS.

Week beginning 8th May – 14th May


As per usual, we spent some time this morning figuring out what we’re going to be working on for this Sprint. After a good talk with Adam on Friday where he offered advice to make a good tutorial, Millie has worked on a structure for the tutorial and has passed this on to James who will be implementing it this week and testing it externally to see if this works properly. Hopefully, by the end of the week, we’ll have a working tutorial which will make the game easier to understand and hopefully play! Then we will have a chance to implement any more feedback before the big playtest day on the Friday 19th May where we can again fix and build again ready for another testing session. 

Millie is finishing the Tarot cards for the Dungeoneering experience this week and working on the Monster portraits to get the Dungeon battle scene fully on the way. There are a couple of extra pieces still needed in the Dungeon ‘level’ but these are some UI assets which can be worked on easily and won’t take much time. 

I will be working on the Character Customisation ‘level’ this week and will be aiming to try and get this finished by the end of the week. This will mean that I’ll be available to pick up more tasks from the backburner and help to move the project along. I’ve put off doing the Decor owner for now, as discussed with Millie, as the Town checklist of the game will be an added extra we will be spending our time after the essential artworks are completed as then we can have some fun with the characters instead of rushing them. 

Today, I worked on the Character Customisation buttons for what we’d need to go through different hairstyles, colours, eyes etc. On Saturday, Millie and I had discussed how we didn’t think just having buttons with the item on would be readable for the Player. We’ve decided to go ahead with arrows which the Player can use to circulate between different options. 

2017-05-08 20.11.31.jpgAs you can see on the right, this is what the set up would be for the Character Customisation screen. You’d have a set of arrows per asset that can be changed. I feel it may be a little cramped if we have all four sets together on the screen but we’ll have to see when it comes to James building it. If this is the case, it won’t take long to draw up the icons so this isn’t too much of an issue currently.
Below are two of the favourite arrow designs we picked from the iterations I made (See A3 Sketchbook page 86) which I took into colour:

After looking at them again, we felt the colours were a little too bright and needed to not be so ‘in your face’! I went back to our Twilleir logo and colour picked the deep purple and matched this with a silver to give it that ornate, Fantasy feel; these are now the final assets.

Above, I also made a Next button and a Name Panel where the Player will input their name (duh) using the same silver colour in order to keep the UI aesthetic the same. From these, I’ll be looking to create a background that fits these colours.
In other news:



Today, we were supposed to be filming some footage which we’re going to use in our brief animations for the Helping Hands (or Adventurer’s) in the Dungeon battles. Unfortunately, Millie was off ill and she has a specific way she would like these animations to work so we’ve decided to postpone this until next week.
Despite this setback, James and I got on with our Sprint tasks – James has nearly completed the first version of the tutorial which I tested at the end of the day as I hadn’t played all the way through it. I understood what to do and there were a few aspects that needed changing but it’s a great start!
We got our heads together and figured out what’s still missing in the build and if there are any extras that were missed last time when we made the Backburner list. A couple more UI parts and backgrounds have cropped up which we’d forgotten about and so have been added to the list but the rest we already knew about. Looking at the tasks, there are quite a few left to undertake which I was hoping we could get done by the 19th but there may still be a few assets missing. I’ll be looking to make sure the majority of essential tasks are completed before with the Town aspect being one of the last areas to complete. 

Today was a lot of organising, doing backburner tasks and shipping assets to James via memory stick as Eduroam was having a bad day… However, I’ve made a lot of progress with the character customisation ‘level’ and am hoping to have just the customisable race portraits to do by Friday if I manage to get the background complete tomorrow and Thursday. 


I’ve been working on finishing the small Extras that I added to my Sprint list yesterday that James is still in need of as I would like to have the majority of levels fully complete rather than all the levels with bits missing ready for the big Playtest on the Friday 19th (next week).
Below are the bits and pieces that I’ve completed:

The Seeds are the what he needs for the Market and Inventory, followed by the Crafting Mini-game background (with and without the board in it to help James with placement) and the icons for the Character Customisation. These haven’t taken me too long to do which is surprising but I’m rolling with it!
My next step is to work on the background for the Character Customisation. I’ve designed two designs that were favourites so I’ll be looking to work on the both of them and see which one works best. As there’s going to be a lot of UI and stuff going on in the foreground, we’re thinking that if we add a blur to the background this could help the Player focus and not be distracting when choosing their character.  


 Today I managed to get the background of the character customisation completed in a shorter time than expected which was useful. As the background is going to be blurred anyway, I didn’t go into too much detail as this would end up being lost; this I felt helped save some time. I used the Shop and Crafting backgrounds to help gather the right colours for the scene.
Below you can see a blurred and an unblurred version:

We will need to test what side the character will go on and what side the icons and UI go on depending on how it is affected by the background. Originally I thought about having the character on the right-hand side and the icons on the left but after painting the background, either the assets may have to be swapped or the background would need to be flipped as it may end up being too busy behind the icons and making it difficult to see; this will be something that will need to be tested when everything is in. James has already started to drop stuff into the project in Unity so hopefully will get some feedback on this soon.

I also started working on the Health Bar for the Dungeons so that this extra is out of the backburner. I wasn’t sure how to go about designing this as I haven’t worked on anything like this before UI wise so I had a look on Google to see what I needed to make to help James. This was the tutorial that I looked up and it was really useful:

Now I have a better idea as to what I need to design and paint for James to drop into the project. I will be using the colours scheme of the Dungeons to help me make sure that I don’t use colours that are too bright or don’t fit the aesthetic. 


I finished off designing the UI health bar for the Dungeons battle scene. I tried to make sure that it would fit with the rest of the UI I’d already done for this level without either overwhelming the screen or making it seem too different. 

The left image is the full health bar. The gap in the left will hold the number of health you have left and depending on this, the red bar will decrease/increase if you’re attacked or take some health. Red is commonly associated with blood, health potions etc in Fantasy so I felt sticking to this colour would be beneficial to the Player; it should hopefully stand out well on the background too.

I started working on the Meidryn character customisation assets working from a base sketch that Millie made previously. I used the Icons I made with the colours to make the different layers. Once I’ve done a few different hair styles, eye shapes and accessories then Meidryn will be complete and ready to be exported for James. This has taken more time than I expected it to, however, I did make a couple of layer mistakes which slowed me down a bit. I feel more confident in how to go about doing this task so it shouldn’t take me longer than Monday to get the Meidryn done; I’ll be looking to get the L’hallen done afterwards as these are the only two customisable races we’re using in the Alpha build.

What I worked on today (showing examples of skin tone, varying hair colours and eye colours in one eye shape and one hairstyle):

Overall, today has been really productive, as well as the rest of the week really. I’m glad about the progress we’re all making this week as a team. James has been amazing at building the project and telling us what he’s in need of. Millie has knuckled down and is firing out artwork like there’s no tomorrow. With this continued attitude from everyone, I think we’re going to be in a great place by Friday and by the deadline which is awesome!


Today, I had an unexpected chance to spend some more time on my uni work as the Airport was dead. I had been looking at my female character customisation work from yesterday and there was something just not right with it. I couldn’t put my finger on it but after working on the male character, I realised it was the nose and the shading on the face! Below are the adjustments I made:

These already have made a massive difference so I’m glad I altered it. I also realised that I made a human blue (the Heralorn race can be different colours and so as not to discriminate – plus I’d done the Icon for the skin tones already, I went with it. We can always not use it!).

I then moved on to the Male. Now that I had a better idea of how layers worked and how to cut corners *shifty eyes* I managed to get them done a lot quicker than the Female character. I did the same thing by doing the 8 different coloured eyes and hair and starting with a base eye shape and medium hair. I’m going to be doing 4 hairstyles – short, medium, long and a stylised one so that the Player has a bit of choice and individuality in the Alpha; I’ll also be doing four different eye shapes too. Below is what I made for the Male character:

Now that I have the base set up for both Male and Female, it will be easier to design the other layers (hair and eye shape) and get to work. I’ll be asking Millie to sketch a L’hallen base so that I can work from this so that there is consistency between the characters. 

Next week is going to be heavy but if we continue our 10-6’s and keep the work ethic going, we’ll do great. So nearly there… Go team! ❤


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