Reflection of Week Fourteen

Week beginning 1st May – 7th May.


As it was a Bank Holiday Monday today, we were unable to use room 3015 which is a great shame as this is one of the only days we get completely uninterrupted to crack on with work. Having that time in the studio away from everyone else works really well for us as we have a different work ethic to others where we find having chilled music on in the background helps us work but are aware that other people on the course don’t appreciate this; I guess it works out the best for both parties!

I began the day by working out the next sprint for us all to work on. I’m trying to plan the tasks strategically so that we’re not overwhelmed with lots of tasks in the last few weeks. I’ve worked it out so that by the 19th if we all continue at the same hardworking pace, we can get the majority of the artwork completed giving us the last couple of weeks to refine artwork, create promotional pieces and trailers, focus on marketing for the shows in June and add in some cool animations to make Twilleir come to life.

I also worked on some of my sprint tasks and produced the Harvesting timer and started the UI for the Market.

Overall, today has been relatively productive which is great. Millie has managed to finish all of the Dungeon ingredients today meaning that’s another task off of the backburner. Everyone’s working super hard and I’m really proud of what we’re producing and putting together #dreamteam. 
As we’re all in the studio tomorrow, we’re hoping to flesh out some Mind the Film footage in time for the deadline Thursday as well as have Dr Stallwood help James correct any ‘spaghetti’ or ‘dirty’ code. Everything’s coming along 🙂


Today, I began by designing the Market background so that it means that it’ll just mean painting the background and the text from James and then the Market is complete. I had to make a few adjustments as I misunderstood the requirements that James needed as he’d already built the project a certain way. Once I realised I was being an idiot, I did a couple more designs and now we have a final one ready to be painted. I will be working on the Crafting background this week to practice my painting skills and imitation of Millie’s style which if I manage to do it right, I will be looking to work on the Market background too to help Millie out. 

We filmed some footage for Mind the Film today so as to show them what sort of feel and vibe we wanted us to come across as. As mentioned before, The Office is a big inspiration for us as it sums up our humour and personality and after filming today and Millie putting together a quick edit, it’s already working really well! Below is the link to a ‘taster’ of some of the footage we got today; this is on Millie’s Youtube Channel. She’s edited it brilliantly in such a short space of time to really get across our personalities – great job Mills! 

As well as working on the film, today I managed to make a start on the Crafting room background. I’ve been using Millie’s Shop background in order to try and keep a consistency in the art style between rooms. It’s helping to see all of her layers, however, I’ll spend the rest of today and tomorrow working on it and then on Thursday I’ll be going over it with Millie to see how I can improve it and make it more similar if needed to her Shop painting. I’m finding it a little bit challenging but pushing through as I want to be able to help Millie out so she’s not stuck with painting all of the big backgrounds! Below is a speedpaint of my progress today – featuring a banging tune from Fleetwood Mac who I was listening to whilst painting this.



Today has pretty much all been devoted to trying to mimic Millie’s style with the Shop in the Crafting room. I’ve been finding this quite hard and have done as much as I can without her but tomorrow I’ll be speaking with Millie about how to make it look more like her environment art.

Crafting Room

Above is the final image with help from Millie with fixing the lighting which she helped me with on Thursday.


WordPress sucks and so I spent most of my day rewriting this blog post which it told me was invalid.

Millie managed to finish off the Dungeon fight battle scene which not only we can put into our promotion trailer, but it’s now ready to drop into Dungeoneering – well done Millie!

James has also been working on getting the tutorials together and has managed to get the Market and Adventurer’s Guild done today – woooo, James!

I’ve had not a very productive day. I’ve managed to make a button which James needed for the Crafting room. Below is the button:

Begin Crafting button

I also began blocking in the Market background so that I can continue on with this tomorrow with shading and textures. By at least attempting to do this, it means that I’ll have a head start tomorrow and hopefully finish it leaving Saturday to do extras such as the Character Customisation buttons and potentially start the background.


Today, Adam went through our game fully for the first time. It became very evident that the tutorials that were in place were not as useful as first thought and there are quite a few bits we need to alter in order to help the Player understand.

During the time spent with Adam, Millie drafted up a structured tutorial of how it should play out and where it takes the Player in order for them to understand what they’re supposed to be doing in the game. This is useful as now she can pass this along to James in order for him to implement this and get us further ready for external testing. I understand that external testing is important but at the same time, if some of the UI isn’t in then it won’t make sense to the Player anyway. I feel that once this new tutorial is put in and the artwork is dropped in then it will make external playtesting easier as hopefully if we’ve done the tutorial correctly, people will be able to play the game without getting confused. 

I managed to complete the Market background today so now that’s ready for James to drop into the project. I think I’m getting a bit better with my painting skills through these past few months due to regular practising and having to work on tasks pretty much every day which includes painting have helped. Below is the image:

Market Background

Now I’ve done this, the tasks I have left for this Sprint are the Decor owner design or working on the Character Customisation UI and backgrounds which are extras. After the chat with Adam today, I think it would be best for me to work on the Character Customisation bits and pieces as then it can be dropped in and tested immediately whereas the Decor owner can be finished at a later date as this is something that is less important that the Character Customisation UI. 

I also discussed with Millie today about the Character customisation screen. We feel it needs to be simple so that the focus is on the character itself. Due to time restrictions and also ease, for the Alpha, we’ll be making it so that you can only customise the face (hair, eyes etc) as then it’ll be easy enough for us to complete this for the onscreen communication between Eliza or marketman and when on screen in the backgrounds. 




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