Reflection of Week Thirteen

Week beginning 24th Apri – 30th April


We met again in Room 3015 to flesh out the next Sprint in the project.
Over the weekend, Millie and I managed to crack through a lot of the artwork and have managed to have Harvesting and the Greenhouse/Garden completed. This is great as it means that we can work through the rest of the tasks and as tasks pop up from James as to what he needs and what he learns from playtesting. We’re really powering through and I’m hoping that by having a full day back in the studio will help us to really progress with Twilleir. 

After consideration, we’ve found that we have a list of things that James is missing from the project. He made a detailed list today where we have 41 missing assets that he needs from Millie and I. At first, I was quite shocked at the amount we still need but after looking thoroughly at the list, I’m confident it’s not as bad as it sounds as the majority of the missing assets are buttons.  The list you can find below in screen shots from the Trello.

I updated the Trello with these tasks and I’ve also updated my sprint tasks too. As I worked on the other buttons that have been made, I’m going to be looking at getting as may buttons completed as possible in the next week as extra tasks.
I’ve decided to personally work on these ‘backburner’ tasks more so than newer tasks as it means that we’ll be getting levels completed ready to playtest and refine.
I finished two concepts for the Crafting room so far today and am a third of the way through another so, already, I’m hoping to have finished these by tomorrow and get on with designing the Decor NPC and the inventory panels. I’m aiming to have these done by Friday evening as it means that on Saturday, I can have a full day of going through the extra tasks I’ve given myself and hopefully get the Garden, Harvesting and The Shop (apart from shop background and text for Eliza) complete by Monday morning next week! This will mean that we’re near enough ready to playtest these levels which will help for us to get feedback from our target audience and see if anything needs fixing or adjusting.
Today’s been a productive day for all in 3015 and I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. James will be working with Dr James to make sure the code is all good and as clean as possible while Millie and I will be working our way through the art assets we’ve been assigned this week; great stuff, it’s all coming together now!

Tuesday and Wednesday

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been working on the design for the Inventory panels, Seeds, Crops, Dungeons and Potions. I’ve been trying to make sure that they all have the same, simple layout and that the colours are different enough so that you can work out which panel is for which items. 

For the Seeds Inventory Panel, I decided that earthy brown colours would work well to symbolise this panel alongside having some vines growing along the side of the shelves to give it some life and character. I felt that the shelves on their own looked bland and boring which didn’t give the right cute and charming fantasy feel we wanted it to have. 
With the Crops panel design, instead of vines, I had some grass and vegetation that you’d find in the garden such as mushrooms and flowers. I felt these were enough to separate the panel from the Seeds one whilst giving it some charm through the quirky mushroom and flower.
For the Dungeon Panel, I had the idea that as it’s a fantastical environment, the stone-like shelves would have glowing aspects to them; in this case there are lines and cracks over them. Neon blue worked well to give it that fantasy look as well as helping to symbolise bravery in the notion of Dungeoneering; it also complimented the stone colour well.
Similarly to the Dungeon Panel, with the Potions panel I chose a vibrant green that filled in the cracks and lines on the shelves so as to give an idea of Alchemy and that this is where you keep your potions. The green and the browns of the shelves worked well together and yet is not distracting so the Player can still see and focus on what they’re looking at in their inventory.
I didn’t manage to start the Decor Owner NPC today, although I have had some thoughts on what they could look like. As discussed with Millie, the character will be based on James so as to add some fun to the characters and help us create original NPCs; I’ll be starting this on Thursday along with discussing with James what buttons he needs in what sort of design so that I can quickly give him these assets and help him build the project.


Today, I decided to have a tidy up today and work through the list of extra tasks we have rather than work on the Decor character. Although the character is important for the game, I felt that we needed to make sure the game was getting completed rather than leaving small tasks for later and starting new tasks; it makes sense to fix everything before moving on!

I discussed with the team how we felt about the buttons that we needed for certain areas in what way they should be designed. Leftover Crafting, Market and Dungeon buttons should be themed like the one that I made with the Shop so I’ve been playing about with some ideas for this. There are a few other buttons that just need to be simplified so they’re not as overpowering on the screen so I’ve been thinking about using the ones that I made for the Shop but taking off the decoration so that it’s simple and easy to look at. 

I began by looking into the Crafting buttons needed and started sketching some ideas in my sketchbook. 

Above are the finished pieces. We wanted to make it look quite Alchemy like, I used some of the Treadwell’s Bookstore pictures we took as a reference for the inspiration for the Dream book and Back to Shop button which helped. I also went with the neon-like green as this is often something seen in Fantasy and Alchemy so as to make it fit the theme. 

James put our game up on the big screen in the studio and we were looking through the game as to what it looks like now and what art we still need. One thing I realised was that the buttons I originally designed that looked kind of fancy just look way to overwhelming on the screen. Therefore, I’ve altered them to a more simple design which we’ll be looking to put in and test as to which ones look better. 

I moved on to the Crafting Panel that James put in his list of assets he needs. This piece of UI is where when you first enter the Crafting room, you select the Crafting Table where this panel will then appear. In this, the nine potion icons will be inside the circles (see below) where the player will be able to select which dream potion they want to make. We’re thinking of making it so that the name of the dream pops up when you hover over it in order to conserve space and not make the panel overcrowded and unclear to read.

Crafting panel to choose potions fromI used colours from Millie’s Crafting table artwork so as to keep a consistency with the room; the purple and pink colours work well to convey the idea of Alchemy and Fantasy.

Overall, the team did amazingly today. James managed to get the crafting table mini-game finished to a point where it can be tested, Millie completed the Shop and did a beautiful job and I managed to finish off eight of the tasks that are on the backburner. Everyone worked hard and the efforts paid off as we’re closer to reaching our goals. After looking at the tasks left, I feel that if we continue with this level of dedication and commitment from the team in the last 34 days (yeah, we counted…) then I think we’ll be able to finish the game. It’s going to be tough and a busy time but we knew this when we took this on that Twilleir was going to be pretty damn big. We’re aiming to get Twilleir to a finished standard where the game mechanics all work and the artwork is all there but after discussion with the team, we’re likely to refine artwork after the deadline and before the shows as we won’t be so pressured and can leisurely work on the assets at our own pace.
Tomorrow is another 10 – 6 day, let’s hope that it’s as productive as today! 🙂 


We had a talk with Adam today about the scheduling for the next few weeks. The main key date that I’m going to try and bear in mind is the 19th May where we’ll be joining everyone in a big playtest day. Although we’ve been playtesting internally for as long as James has been coding, this day will really be a good day to get up to speed on what needs fixing, what works well, if the target audience enjoys the game etc. With this date in mind, I’ll be looking to push myself and Millie to get as much of the artwork complete by this time as possible so that the last couple of weeks can be spent refining artwork, creating promotion artwork, the promotion trailer and putting in small animations in order to make Twilleir come to life. There’s a large workload ahead of us but I feel we’ve done incredibly well so far to get as much done as we have and I have every confidence in us all that we’ll be ready on time for the deadline.  

In terms of the artwork today, I worked on the mass list of assets that James is still working on and managed to complete the Potion book, Dungeon Panel, Dungeon Continue button and Dungeon back button. 

The Dungeon menus on the right have the text boxes and buttons included whereas I’ve made PNGs separately so that we can adjust them depending on the text that James has already mocked up. These didn’t take me as long as I thought they would and so I managed to complete all my extra tasks for the week.
Admittedly, I haven’t designed the Decor shopkeeper NPC this week but this was because I felt it would be more beneficial to complete the backburner tasks and leave this for a later date. I will be adding the Decor NPC character design to my next sprint, however, I’ll be classing this as an extra rather than focus on it straight away; I’ll be looking to draft up backgrounds and get some more UI completed next week. 

Overall, this first week back has been long but productive and I’m proud of what everyone has achieved over the past few days. If we keep up these 10-6 working days and stay focused, I’m confident that we’ll be on track with tasks and succeed in making it to the deadline. 




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