Reflection of Week Twelve

Week beginning 17th – 23rd April


Today, I organised the next sprint for our project. We all did really well last week and managed to get all of our tasks completed in the time frame which was excellent. Millie managed to take some tasks off of the backburner too so this has reduced the number of tasks we’ll be needing to catch up on. The teamwork that everyone’s displaying is brilliant and is really helping to push the project along. 
James has agreed this week to work on changing the harvesting mini-game code and getting that completed before starting to work on the crafting mini-game code. He’s been working hard on fixing coding issues within the project which he will be showing use next week when we’re all together. 
Millie went above and beyond last week with managing to get all the helping hands finished and then moving onto the inside of the greenhouse. As previously mentioned, she’s asked me to put in the ‘accessories’ such as the tools, books and pots just to give it more of a greenhouse feel as she wanted to move onto the crafting mini-game. This week, she’s working on the UI and sprite design and paint to really get this section of the game on the way. 
I will be working on painting the four stages of harvesting animations for each ingredient and hope to have this finished by the end of the week leaving me with some time to complete the tasks for the inside of the Greenhouse. I’d really like to push myself this week and get the greenhouse finished as it will mean that farming is fully complete. 
This week is going to be full for all three of us so we have decided to get together this weekend (22nd – 23rd) at Millie’s where we will have a weekend of ‘crunch time’ in a way so that we can all catch up on where we’re at, work alongside each other so we can figure out what’s still needed for the project and try and fully get back into working on Twilleir before we’re back on the 24th. 


Today, we all discussed what we wanted to do for the Mind the Film footage we have to get together on top of everything else. As we decided we wanted to sell ourselves and who we are as creatives, we’ve been thinking about creating a comedic piece in the style of The Office as this sums up who we are, how we act in the workplace etc. We’re more concerned with getting the project completed than we are getting the footage together for this side project, however, we are having to dedicate some time next week to getting some footage together so that we have at least got somewhere to start from.

Below is an example: They do a lot of staring off into the camera and have ‘interviews’ during the sketch which we thought could work quite well. Enjoy.

Wednesday – Friday

I attacked the animations today, something that I’ve been dreading doing all week… I’ve managed to make a large dent in the workload by so far (Friday afternoon) completing 20 out of 36 so just over half way I guess. I’m impressed with how much I’ve been able to power through so far, considering I don’t have the best attention span. I want to try and get at least one or two more finished this evening (Friday) so it leaves me with two or three to do over the weekend plus finishing the Greenhouse environment over at Millie’s. I’m confident that I’ll be able to get through these tasks which is exciting as well as relieving as then I can finally work on something else! I’ve been working so much on environments and assets that I’m starting to lose some of my motivation so I feel that I’m going to break this up by working on NPC designs as well as the Decor shopkeeper as well as doing environments as this should help my motivation if I try something different. I’ll be looking to use Millie’s Twitch stream videos in order to mimic her art style so that the characters wouldn’t look too different and keep some consistency.

Below are the five animations I’ve completed so far. For the Alpha, we’ll be breaking these up with animating orbs covering the image and then moving to the next. When we decide to take this forward past Alpha, I’ll be wanting to adjust these.
Listed in order: Bay leaves, Ginseng, Lavender, Peppermint and Pine.

The Weekend

This weekend, Millie and I did a two-day crunch where we smashed out all of our tasks for the Sprint and began working on extra; James arrived on Sunday and showed us where he’s up to.
Millie has effectively finished the Crafting mini-game aside from the particle effect animations which will be worked on once James has finished the code for the mini-game. She’s now been working on painting the Shop environment background to get that underway and complete. Millie’s worked really hard this weekend and it’s meant that we’ve managed to push ahead with some of the leftover tasks which have helped the productiveness of the project. With this continued work ethic, I believe that we’ll be able to get Dungeoneering well on the way within the next week meaning that we’ll be in a better stead to playtest and correct any errors as well as continue with finessing our current work and working towards our promo trailer/artwork.
I’ve managed to complete all of the harvesting animations and I’ve turned them into Gifs! Now they’re finished, I’ve been working on producing the rest of the assets for the inside of the Greenhouse background. Once finished, this will be the Garden/Greenhouse fully complete!
Millie and I have been going through the tasks on Trello and have worked out that due to the alterations made to the Crafting mini-game, the number of tasks needed to be completed has significantly reduced as some assets aren’t needed anymore. This is great news and has left us with more time for Dungeoneering and finishing off the other levels. What’s left to do is for James to put all of our assets into the project and make a list of UI or any pieces he needs so that we can get on with that alongside the Sprint tasks.


Here are all the finished animations. I’ve made these just to show how it would work so the timings are a more off than I’d like them to be. These four frames would be separated by some sort of glowy orb animation which will be added in later once it’s been playtested. 


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