Its been a long month!

So, I’ve done the horrific thing of leaving it a whole month since I last made a blog post. I mean there’s quite a lot to recap on so I think I’m going to write a list of all of the proceedings that have occurred since the last reflection post, and gradually make my way down the list. It’s currently Easter at the moment so we’re kinda chugging on quite nicely, just getting on independently and trying to make sure that we don’t fall behind on Jess’ sprint deadlines.

As you can see from the video update on the 6th of March, which should be in the post above (below????) this one. There is going to be quite a lot of development since then and I’ll probably make a video very soon documenting EVERYTHING that has happened since then as this text post probably won’t do it justice.


Right, since my disappearance this is whats been going on, it’s not in chronological order because I couldn’t tell you for the life of me what happened when:

  • Arduino Workshop with Andy and the Team (Custom Controller). This led us to decide that we’d quite like to create a custom controller for the player to more easily engage with the game. This is because all of our minigames only require four buttons to play with, therefore it would make sense to utilize this feature and create a cool custom controller for either Winchester or London Exhibitions.
  • Mind the Film came in. This started us on the road to collecting footage for the process video, the Mind the Film crew will be coming in regularly to record us and perform interviews that will feature in the final film. I’m excited to see the finished piece but it has been a little bit of a hassle trying to grab all of the footage that we’d like to use.
  • Reflective Journal was finished and handed in, we had about a week to do this. It was much like last year where this kinda got crammed in, in the last few weeks before the deadline. This wasn’t actually due to poor time management I promise, but more that the Reflective Journal impedes the development of the game and therefore we decided to take a couple weeks off to make sure our Reflective Journals were the only thing we were working on at the time.
  • Harvesting is in, assets yet to be added but core gameplay is enjoyable and we’re confident with continuing with this as a prototype. Once we’d playtested the game however, Jess suggested that we make a change to the game as it wasn’t as enjoyable as we had hoped. Instead she suggested we change it more to a reactionary “Guitar Hero” type minigame which, although I was hesitant about redesigning and programming the game, I agreed with as it would make the game a more enjoyable experience.
  • Gardens are almost finished, Greenhouse and small animations to add. This came about as Millie had finished off the Gardens background and Jess had started to collate all of the seeds icons I required for the gameplay. The game is really starting to come together in some areas and does wonders for morale.
  • Crafting first prototype was finished, decided it didn’t fit thematically and a redesign has been proposed but yet to implement. This is because it was based around just matching up some colours to those written in the crafting book, whilst it seemed good in theory, in practice it just resulted in people waiting for ages. The proposed redesign fits with our Harvesting redesign along the theme of match three and reactionary gameplay and therefore once it’s built I will update with the playtesting feedback.
  • Shop added, Commission card generation is in but not hooked up to our living economy yet. Huge bits of UI put in, days and gold generation work. Inventory panel, plant monitoring panel.
  • Dungeons received UI updates and several helping hands have been added visually.
  • Marketplace has been added, you’re now able to visit and purchase Potions required to succeed in the Dungeons, and buy Seeds (VERY IMPORTANT). Flavour Text is yet to go in, need to check if race applies correct benefits and that prices adjust based on demand.
  • Essentially we’re just in the huge art cramming phase whilst I iron out bugs and add in additional functionality.
  • Tutorials are mostly in and work well in explaining to players what they need to be doing.
  • Play testing will be a necessary evil as soon as we return to make sure the game is playable.
  • Easter has been a little bit lighter than I would have liked but with two weeks to go I’m in a position, as we receive more assets, to see what needs work and what works well.
  • Jess and Millie are doing a fantastic job of smashing through the list of artwork and getting me UI assets as soon as feasible. Jess is doing a great job staying on top of the deadlines and making sure we don’t fall behind.

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