Reflection of Week Nine

Week beginning 27th – 2nd April


Sprint 7 went pretty well for me as I managed to stay on top of my tasks, finish them and then move onto starting next week’s tasks so I’m hoping to continue with this work ethic through this week too. 
I’ve been sorting through the Trello tasks to double-check with the team what they’ve been working on, what they’ve completed and what they haven’t been able to complete so that I can construct the next Sprint, number 8. James and I were able to finish the tasks set however Millie wasn’t able to finish the portraits due to not being able to access her PC over the past few days which is fair enough; she has agreed to finish them this week instead so as to stop the backburner tasks growing.
James has chosen to go through all of the code he has been working on over the past seven weeks and go through a refinement and debugging process to double-check that everything functions properly. This will be incredibly useful as it means that we will have the Gardens and Greenhouse fully refined as well as elements such as the storeroom inventory, the shop etc where we can drop artwork into it and it will further us in our testing stages.
I will be working on painting the images of potions that will be put onto the commission cards as once these are done, it’ll just be the text files that will need to be created for this and then the commission cards are completed. I aim to have these nine potions finished by the end of Sprint 8 and have also begun designing the panels for the active quests and the active garden plots menu. I feel that if I keep focused, I’ll be able to have finished the majority of the shop environment by the end of next week which will be great as then I can work on trying to complete the Harvesting mini-game aesthetics; this will lead to us being able to test this mini-game with our target audience gaining feedback and testing for bugs which we can then implement. 

Tuesday – Wednesday

Above are the potions that I’ve been working on which will be going on to the commission cards at the bottom to show the player what potion it is they have to make; it will tell them in the request box also but the text files have yet to be made up. I’ve suggested that as all three of us have different styles in writing, it would be a good idea to work on the text files together as it will give the commission cards some variation in tone and style to reflect the different customers you would get in. What with myself and Millie working in customer service, this gives us an upper hand on some of the sorts of customers we could have in terms of tone and character!
But yeah… s
o I’ve already finished the potions tasks that I set myself for the whole week??!
My time management has been a bit off this week and I’ve overestimated how long it was all going to take me but I guess on the upside, I can now do the panels for the Shop environment and get those completed quicker than I first thought.
My next steps are to ask James what bits and pieces he’s waiting on to drop into the Shop environment so as to help complete the level more quickly and get it ready for testing.

Saturday- Sunday

I decided to take some time off to help recharge my creative batteries so I picked up my extra tasks through Saturday to Sunday. I feel better in that I’m finishing tasks and am taking up bits and pieces when needed which is helping my productivity as I’m wanting to push myself more and get things done.
I managed to design a range of active quest panels so that I had a variety of choice to see which ones would fit the Shop environment. Now that we’ve chosen the panel style, this could be a ‘skin’ style for each panel that’s needed so that we save time and reuse assets; this will leave more time for other tasks so we’ll be pushing forward at a quicker pace which is exciting. 

Due to the fact that the Shop environment will look rather busy on screen, we felt that the above design would be the best for the panel’s style as the simplicity will hopefully not overcomplicate the screen when the Player presses the appropriate button to open each designated panel. James will be dropping these into his project and so to combat what he may need, I’ve made a variety of panels with text and without etc so that he can work out what works best for his code and go from there.
Now that I’ve completed these, I’ve again managed to complete all my tasks for the week which’s great as I’m starting to realise how much time I need for certain tasks and feel I can structure my personal Sprint tasks accordingly.
Overall, this week has been rather productive and I’m proud of how quickly I am managing to get through tasks. We’re very close to finishing the Shop level in terms of design meaning that there is only:

  • painting the shop
  • painting the storeroom
  • creating text files for the commission cards

Millie has mostly been painting the environments but as she has a lot on her plate, at some point I may come back to these and help her. I feel that so long as we get the majority designed which means we can at least show what it could look like, we can then worry about painting the specifics later. I will continue on with designing and possibly when we are nearing the end of Easter, I will check with Millie to see if she wants me to help (if I can) so as to relieve her of stress as she’s been working hard on a number of things currently such as music, portraits and our website which is soon to be up!

Due to working a lot next week, I will need to factor in time around my job to get tasks for Sprint 9 done so I will need to keep this in mind tomorrow when I construct the next sprint. I will be talking to James and Millie to see how they’re doing with their tasks and adapting Sprints accordingly. 


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