Reflection of Week Eight

Week beginning 20th – 26th March


Today, I began by organising the next Sprint. As expected, due to Reflective Journal’s deadline being today, last week’s sprint wasn’t fully completed, however, I’ve adjusted this week’s sprint accordingly. By looking at the remaining tasks that we have to do, I feel that we’re in a good place now and we should be able to finish all the ‘levels’ that we wanted to complete for hand-in. I’m really enjoying working on this project and I feel that’s helped us stay motivated to complete this project to the best of our abilities; we’ll see how we feel after Easter…
I started designing the store room using the shop environment and the research that I did on Art Nouveau and Deco as inspiration in order for everything to fit the same aesthetic. The store room will just be the background/backdrop as we’ll have UI panels over this so it won’t need as much detail as the Shop. I managed to catch up on some important documentation in my sketchbook as well as complete two full layouts for the store room which I’ll be looking to get feedback from the rest of the team tomorrow. That will decide if we stick with one or if I adapt and create a final one accordingly. 
Overall, I’m happy with the progress that I made today and it has set me up well to be on target for the rest of the tasks left in the sprint. 


Firstly, I got some feedback from the team about which store room layout would work best for the background/drop.

The first one was agreed as too busy and cluttered and the second layout was deemed the preferred one as it wouldn’t overcrowd the screen and confuse the player. We will be having a panel with the UI pop up over the background so the detail in the store room isn’t as much as a necessity as the Shop environment was. Now that this is complete and the team are all happy with the environment’s design, it’ll now be queued up in the painting list of things to do.
I discussed with the team about the finish button and it really is as simple as a finish button for handing in quests. I’ve been playing around today with the font that we’re using, Quicksand Book, and using these over buttons I’ve designed to see how they could work and if it fits our other UI scheme; I’ve tried to design them with this in mind.
With James working on the economy and inventory systems today, we discussed what currency we would be using. After much debate, we have decided we shall call our currency Twills, as it is very fitting with our name Twilleir and it sounds good
“That was awful, 2 twills.”
“Oh wow, amazing job, 26 twills for you!”

Another task that we discussed was the commission cards as I wanted to make sure that I knew what needs to be on the card itself and that it corresponds with the coding that James has already worked on.

  • New Commission title
  • Image of potion
  • Request: what the customer is asking for
  • Due by date: when does the potion need to be completed by
  • Signature of customer – makes it more personal

I began designing a few card shapes to see what would work and look right aesthetically. We discussed what ones people preferred and there was a split between two different types of design which were the favourites so I have decided to combine the two in order to create a better design. Now that I’ve completed the design, I will be taking it to Paintool Sai and then James will implement it into the game where we can see if it fits with the overall aesthetic.
Overall, today has been very productive and I feel that I am certainly on track with the tasks I’ve got for the Sprint; hopefully, I may be able to pick up more tasks from the Shop environment list. 


We had Mind The Film in today to talk about putting our game projects into a film. It was relatively interesting and useful to talk to them as now we understand the sort of feel that we want our film to get across. We’re looking to sell ourselves through our personalities which will filter through to the film where we will look to have clips of ourselves at work, working together and our process. We’re also looking to film more of our cosplay to give a feel of who we are and what Twilleir is about which we’ll be looking to film more of when we come to acting out the battle system for our animations.
Creating animation could also be a good idea to intertwine with our film as it could be quirky and cute like us and Twilleir which could be a good idea to consider. – good place to find and use sounds within our project as we didn’t manage to get much from the Caves due to screaming kids and the people that were there.
Over Easter, I will be looking to film more of my drawing process and my speed paints in order to gather as much footage as possible which we can filter through later on; we’ll all be doing this in order to get a range for our development video.

Equipment to use:
Nikon D800
Set of 3 LED panels

Arduino Workshop – iLab with Andy

Today’s workshop using Arduino’s was interesting and challenging for me. I hadn’t done anything to do with circuits in years since Secondary School so it was pretty scary trying to remember previous knowledge from … 6 years ago.
Despite the initial scare, I managed to pick it up again relatively quickly and was able to make a LED light blink, dim and enlighten. It was interesting as when we used the sensor and it beeped whenever you moved your hand or light near it, I realised what we’d effectively made was one of the sensors you get in newer cars nowadays which tells you when you’re too close to other objects; I found this really cool in a nerdy way.
This workshop made us think about how we could use Arduinos within our project, mainly with our exhibition in mind. We have a crafting game and harvesting game that incorporates colours into it and we’ve been thinking that at the exhibition, we could make the game physical using LED lights and Arduinos. Andy seemed to like what we are thinking of doing and has said he’d like to work with us on it which is exciting. This will help to hopefully make our game stand out at the exhibition as well as give it an edge over the competition as it will be physical and digital too.

The Weekend

This weekend has proven productive as I’ve managed to complete my tasks for this week’s Sprint. I’ve now moved on to the extra tasks that I set myself which is good as it means that I can get a head start on next week and hopefully be able to get the assets for the Shop environment completed a lot quicker than we first anticipated.
I seem to be getting better and quicker at doing my digital painting over the course of this project and it’s becoming apparent through the time I spend on these tasks compared to how long it used to take me. It goes to show that through practice I can improve my skills even in just a short period of time so who knows what my work could be like by the end of this project and further into the future.

Overall, this week has been surprisingly productive and I’m feeling motivated to continue on with the tasks that I’ve set myself. On Monday, I will be creating the next sprint where I’ll speak to Millie and James about how they’re doing and what they’ll be working on for the next week. We appear to be on track which is good so we just need to stay as focused as possible during this holiday so as not to waste too much time and make it easier on ourselves when we come back from Easter. 


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