Reflection of Week 4

Week beginning 20th February – 26th February

A vast majority of my time this week has been taken over by working on the Shop environment. I feel that my time management of this process has been not too bad, however, there could be room for improvement. After spending two weeks designing this environment, I have worked out that I can probably reduce this time down to a week and a half if I knuckle down as I have all of the resources that I need now from the research trips we went on which was slowing me down previously. Now that I have all of these resources to hand, I should be able to work on the Crafting room, the Garden and the Greenhouse more quickly than the Shop meaning that I have more time to spend on painting them so that they are ready to put into the game. 

You can read the full blog post of my Shop development here from the past two weeks. I have planned that once the environments have been designed, I will then proceed on to painting them. I believe that this will take me the most time as I will be needing to make sure that mine and Millie’s painting technique is similar so as to keep Twilleir looking consistent. I am planning to do this through working from Millie’s Cave Dungeon speed-paint which is on our Instagram, a still is below. Millie is an expert in digital art and through learning her process, it will help me to boost my skills as well as make sure that the game’s art style works and is consistent; I look forward to this!


This week, the ‘Reflective Journal’ has been starting to get to me as I realise I have under a month to complete the tasks with not much idea as to what I was going to do it on. However, after our Tuesday session, I have more of an idea as to where I’m going with the two pieces which helped to calm me. In order to make sure that I get the ball rolling, I will be taking some time out next week each day to find references to support my ‘academic’ piece which in turn should hopefully inspire my journalistic piece. By breaking it up into chunks per day, this should help me to get the academic and journalistic piece finished in time as well as leaving time for proof-reading from peers.

Overall, this week has been one of my most productive ones to date and I am excited to see what next week will bring when I work on producing the final design for the Shop and start designing the Crafting room. I plan to have the final Shop environment finished Monday evening once I have conferred with James and Millie as to which areas in the feedback to pursue, leaving the evening to focus on Reflective Journal. Then from Tuesday I will be making a start on the Crafting room and continuing work on the RJ. By balancing these two, it’ll mean that I will potentially be slower in creating assets and layouts for the Crafting room, however, it’ll mean that I will have progressed the writing pieces taking stress off of myself; after the 20th March, I will be able to focus all of my attention on Twilleir and its environments.


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