Industry Guest Mink Ette

Today we had Escape Room games designer, Mink Ette, talk to us about her journey as a game designer, largely focusing on Escape Rooms and their design process.

Notes that I took from the talk can be found in the A5 Brown Book Labelled Talks on pages 12 – 13.

Having someone in who has been in our field for 10 years now was inspiring and useful to hear from as they have first-hand knowledge of the ‘real world’ and it’s motivating to hear from them what they’ve been working on and producing.
Escape Rooms are something that I have always wanted to go and do as they sound amazing and so much fun, I’ve just never gotten around to it which is unfortunate. She’s inspired me to go out and find some to participate in as well as about designing them.
Whilst in the talk, I had a thought about using Virtual Reality with Escape Rooms, as this could be more accessible to people, but then I was thinking about how you could still participate with others. Mink was speaking about Spaceteam, a game that I’ve played before with others, and was thinking about how fun but challenging it is to work together in a space in a limited time condition.

So what about a VR escape room where you and three others are wearing virtual reality headgear, you’re all in separate rooms and must communicate with each other, complete puzzles all in order for you all to unlock your rooms and get out as a team?

This talk has definitely given me something to think about and a personal project that I could work on outside of University once we’ve graduated.

1-1 With Mink

After her talk, Mink talked to our group about our project and how it’s going and gave us some great advice. Having been working on this project for a while now, it was nice to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at our work and offering new ideas or suggestions we could potentially look into. For instance, Mink mentioned “what if a new goth band was in town and this meant that a trend for deathly nightshade potions increased?” these sorts of trends could give the Player more choices depending on whether they wanted to focus on the business and money making sides of things or more of the ‘have fun’ feeling. These are definitely things that we should take into consideration and once we are a bit more into the project and know how much time we have left on mandatory tasks then maybe we could start incorporating these suggestions. 



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