Reflection of Week 3

13th – 19th February


We discussed the Battle Systems that we’ll be having in place in Twilleir. As mentioned in previous posts, we are looking to produce a system that is similar to Pokemon and the old style Final Fantasy with simple buttons to press, however, we are looking to try and make the AI have good responses to the Player’s actions to make the combat more intense and interesting for the Player; James is primarily working on this with Dr James, however, he wanted our input as to names of characters, how they would work in the Battle System etc. 
Not only was this useful for James, but having all three of us have input and discuss the system, we’re all building knowledge of Twilleir and it’s increasing productivity as we’re all getting more and more excited about building it. Having these weekly meetings on Mondays to organise Sprints and discuss work is proving to boost productivity and motivation which is useful for us to hit our weekly targets; this will continue throughout the project with adjustments being made as we see fit.
As well as this, I have personally been working on finishing off the Isometric layout examples for Millie to put into the Marvel prototype as well as finding second-hand research in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco books that I took out from the Library to help inform the Shop’s design. By getting all of the nitty gritty stuff complete and finishing things off today, it means that tasks can be taken off the backburner straightaway meaning that we stay on task and continue with good time management for the rest of the Sprint week.

Wednesday and Thursday

We did a two-day road trip to Torquay where we visited Kents Cavern, Torre Abbey Gardens and the Dartmoor National Park to gather inspiration for our Dungeon, Garden and Greenhouse environments.
Please see
 Two Day Research Roadtrip blog post for full detail.
These research trips have proven how useful they are in getting first-hand research as now we have strong starting points for developing environments within Twilleir to make sure that there is a consistency to them. 


Having had Wednesday and Thursday out to do trips, I found that we were all a little behind on our current Sprint that we outlined Monday. Unfortunately, maybe we should have allowed more time for the other tasks we had as well as the trip, however, we managed to collect more references than what we thought we would in Torquay meaning that although we’ve made a sacrifice this week in terms of our other tasks, we are now ahead of the game concerning our environments. This weekend, I will be using Sunday as a day to catch up on my tasks from this week to avoid putting too many tasks on the back burner.
Today, I worked on producing more assets for the Shop environment based on the resources we gathered in London and Lyndhurst last week and the books that I took out on Monday. This is taking a longer time that thought to produce so I will be dedicating the majority of the weekend to this and the Reflective Journal due to the deadline being in a months time. 

Saturday and Sunday

It’s Sunday today and it’s been a slow but steady weekend of working. The assets are nearly completed with only a few pages left, which is good considering that I only intended to start designing the assets this week. I have been looking into my Reflective Journal topic today and figuring out where I would like to go in terms of my journalistic piece. I’ve been thinking about a TedTalk that I watched on Virtual Reality as an empathy machine by Chris Milk, as in a world which is becoming increasingly hostile or wary of other religions, people, everything really, I would like to explore the possibilities of this sort of technology and how it could better shape our world and their views.
The time management this week has been poorer than expected, however, I am hoping to stay on top of this by checking mid-week where we’re all up to and adjusting tasks accordingly so as not to overburden others or leave someone with not much to do at all. This will be something that I will be addressing at our next team meeting. 


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