Two Day Research Roadtrip

Yesterday, we travelled across the West Country to Torquay where we visited Kents Caverns, The Torre Abbey Gardens and finished up today by visiting the Dartmoor National Park. These locations were noted in our Next Steps of last semesters GDD to help us gather references and inspiration for our Twilleir environments.
The six hour travel time (there and back) and the overnight stay was worth it after looking back through the videos and pictures we managed to collect. Now we have some great textures, inspiration, references and sounds to help us to progress and inform our development of the environments.
Below are a selection of some of the best pictures that we managed to gather (there were well over 200). I am in the process of making a video from the clips that we gathered which we can air on our social media to create more of an interest and buzz surrounding Twilleir. 

As well as helping us to think about how the rocks form, their textures and such, these images have also meant that we now have these resources to draw colour schemes from which will inform the colour choices in the Dungeon Caves of Ephara.  As part of our Art Style Bible, Millie grabbed three main images from our research trips in order to pull a colour schemes of limited palettes which we will then use within the environments of Twilleir. 


Above is an image and colour scheme from the Torre Abbey Gardens; we visited here after Kents Cavern. Unfortunately the actual Abbey itself wasn’t open due to being shut over the winter period, however, the Gardens were spectacular and provided many great references for our Garden and Greenhouse environments. I was worried that due to the time of year, the plants and trees would be bare and so not much use, however, thankfully the Greenhouse was regulated at 37 degrees meaning that the plants inside were growing and full of life! Also, due to Spring gradually appearing, some other plants outside the Greenhouse had begun to bloom. Now, I have a range of inspiration, pictures, videos and colours to play around with in the development of the Greenhouse and Garden environments to turn them into fantastical, nature based designs.
Below are some of the best images that we collated from the Abbey Gardens:

Today (Thursday) we visited the last place on our list in Torquay that we needed to visit which was the Dartmoor National Park. Again, I was a little skeptical that due to the seasonal time of year that we were going, there weren’t going to be a lot of good references that we could gain inspiration from as everything could still be twigs and branches. Luckily, there was plenty of vegetation and nature to provide us with lots of photographs, videos and textures. 

It was useful to go on this roadtrip to the three locations as it has given us a range of first-hand research that we can now use to further develop Twilleir’s Garden, Greenhouse and Dungeon environments. From the research, I will be designing and producing potential concepts which I will then be looking to gather feedback from through in house testing to see what people like, what fits, what doesn’t etc; just to make sure that I’m creating the best environments suited to the world of Ephara.
I am currently working on designing assets and furniture for the Shop through the Lyndhurst and London trips we went on last week as well as the Art Nouveau and Deco books that I took out. We decided on the Art Nouveau and Deco style as these are often used in High Fantasy art works and so we felt it would work well considering our Fantasy theme. Once I have worked on these, I will design a variety of potential layouts which I will get inhouse feedback from and then produce finalised concepts. When I have completed the Shop, I will focus on the Crafting Room before the Garden and Greenhouse environments.



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