Reflection of Week 2

6th – 12th February


You can find the full blog post for Monday here.

Today we were properly able to sit down as a team and break down Twilleir into the aspects we need to make and design to produce the game (Alpha Build). After having a slow start in the first week, it was useful to dive straight into it today as it meant that we had had more time to be ready. In previous projects, diving right into the work when we come back after a semester has often not been productive as people are trying to adjust to normality after having an intense few months of work and then a week’s break to then rinse and repeat. Having a slow week last week meant that we were able to slowly get back into working meaning that from today, we will more than likely up the working pace.
In order to combat the workflow, we’ll be using the SCRUM methodology as this has worked very well in all of our previous projects. I will be producing the Sprints in Trello with checklists so that we have a record (paper trail) as to what job roles individuals were supposed to be working on – it’ll also be useful to tick off the tasks as we go so that everyone’s up to date with the dev plan.

We also worked out what research trips we would be still needing (from what we decided last semester) and what ones we could cull, this being due to our gutting of the game last week and simplifying it down. By figuring this out, it means that we will have some great primary reference photos to improve the designs in Twilleir as well as be able to capture some great footage for our Development video. We are going to be creating development videos so as to update our followers on social media as to what we’re getting up to and getting more of a buzz for Twilleir; we could also use some of this for the Degree show. This will hopefully promote our game and have the potential to give us more feedback on it through this attention.
I’m excited to get on these trips and get some good reference material as this means that I will be able to get on with my designs and concepts for the environments and get the look of Twilleir nailed down.

We’ve decided that our first Sprint is going to work as a ‘dry run’. If we manage to get everything done in that time, we will then try and do a bit more in the next Sprint. If we have too much left over, it means we’re setting ourselves too much and need to adjust this accordingly. This will be useful to gauge how long tasks could take us and how much time we’d need so that we don’t rush anything or leave anything incomplete.


Millie and I looked at the sort of style of art that we wanted Twilleir to look like, this being so that as we are both working on Art and Design, we need to make sure that there is a consistency between our work as otherwise, the game’s visuals won’t look right.
We made a Pinterest board for this, below are some of the key ones that illustrate the sort of clean, limited palette and brushwork that we’re looking for.

This has been useful as now we have a clear start to our Art Bible which myself and Millie will be able to work from to create consistent artworks as we will both be on the same page.
Today, we both also discussed the Map and rooms needed to create concepts for/figure the layout for. We divided up the roles as to who will work on what. By splitting up the workload, it means that we will be able to progress more quickly in the development of the concepts and in turn, produce better outcomes.
After doing a few, Millie made a point of working out some Pros and Cons for both Isometric drawing and Static drawing. This was helpful as it meant that we could try to figure out what drawing style for the layout would be the best choice before we ended up putting lots of effort into something that wasn’t worthwhile; it’s saved time and also meant that we can try a new style.
I’ve enjoyed working on the environments today as working on an Isometric style is different to me and a challenge. I revisited the tutorials that I looked up last semester in order to refresh my memory on how to draw Isometrically; this definitely helped me to start off strongly with the layout concepts. 


We visited Lyndhurst today to gather some first-hand references for the Shop environments and the Crafting room. You can find the full post on it here.
Today was really useful as now I’m considering what alterations I could do to the shop layout to make it more welcoming. The furniture in the shops also gave me inspiration as to how they interact with the shop interior as well as their style. With these resources, I’m planning to design and create concepts of Shop furniture in order to produce better outcomes and create a style for Twilleir.

I also looked into some more social media promotion just to see how I can optimise the posts that I make on Instagram and Twitter. You can find the full blog post here.
I’ve found this very useful as now, I know that on certain days, there are some hashtags that will likely bring new followers and ‘likers’. By using these and posting regularly, I will hopefully be able to increase the amount of attention and followers that we get for Twilleir. This will help in later months when we start the build-up to promoting the Graduate Show in June too as people will be aware of what we’ve been up to and our development. 


Today, we went on a field-trip to London where we saw The Beazley’s Designs of the Year exhibit. You can find the full post here.
As explained in the post, it wasn’t necessarily related to our current practice (Twilleir) however, I saw a lot of ideas for starting points for the journalistic Reflective Journal piece. So, despite being hesitant at first, this trip to the Design Museum was particularly useful in creating more research that I can look into for the reflective journal.

The Twilleir team also went off to visit Treadwell’s bookstore in order to get some more first-hand references and research for the Shop and Crafting environments. This was helpful as there were many assets there that I didn’t think of such as the cauldron and the crystals. This has inspired me to create a range of assets like these that will appear all over the Shop and the Crafting environment to give an apothecary feel to it.


The whole blog for today can be found here.

Adam spoke for an hour and a bit on how we go about doing all the mathy, finance stuff when we want to apply as a freelancer and have to fill out our tax returns (gulp…). This was useful as I hadn’t been taught anything about taxes and self-employment before so through Adam’s advice and tips, I feel I am better equipped to go through this process now. 

After our team meeting with Adam, I’ve realised that I am spending way too much time documenting my work when I could be producing designs and great outcomes for the game. After this revelation, I will be trying to reduce how much I document a week and instead will be doing weekly reflections like I’m already doing, but concise and reflective without the unnecessary waffle. From time to time, I will document my design processes and developments as I progress within the project so that any of our followers from our Twitter and Instagram who have a look at the development blog will see how we’re progressing.

Saturday and Sunday

Amongst working at the Airport, I managed to complete my Sprint tasks and yet I wanted to take the layout designs further as I had the time. By using this time effectively, I feel I’ve managed to develop and progress the work to a point which can be used within the Marvel prototype that we’ll be working on. This will be useful as we will be able to get feedback from the ‘Players’ as to what they instinctively feel is interactable etc so that we can better plan our environments; there’s nothing more frustrating for a player than thinking they can access somewhere and they can’t. 
I didn’t manage to complete them all today. I finished the Shop, Crafting room and Garden leaving the Greenhouse which I will work on tomorrow and gain feedback from the team. 

UPDATE: Below are all of the environments.


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