Programming: Controller Classes, Design and Adam

So on the Train home from London, I made a list of all of the points I’d need to discuss with Jess and Millie before I could continue on with the Controller Classes. These have been holding me up a little bit as Adam advised that the GDD not be particularly in depth, this means that we have a little extra design work to do before this can be translated into code.

The points I needed to discuss are below:

  • Work out which Race provide which bonuses to which activity, and write down templates to put into a characterCreation script. Also, think about how much they increase per level compared to other stats.
  • Design Helping Hands and their attributes (Names, what elemental bonuses, what attributes to Proc. Gen).
  • Dungeon Ingredients (Names and Crafting Modifiers).

As you can see in the image below, we managed to get through the first two and I’ll code these first and then devote time to designing interesting modifiers for each Dungeon Ingredient. I was quite pleased as we managed to crack through these points really quickly and it means I can get on with little interruption. I’m happy we’re staying quite lighthearted with the theme of the game as I’m all for comedic games rather than anything super serious.


I’ll try and plan out the characterCreation class next so I can link up the playerInfo.cs and have that working properly. The planning for the class will be shown below as I’ve done before.


This is quite a simple class as outside of the interactivity to change your hair colour and other attributes, all of the information that we need to be available across the entire game are just your Name and Race. Once this information has been acquired it can be passed out to playerInfo.cs via three methods.


This was a rather simple class to write so I’m glad that I managed to get through it without any problems. For now; it defines two variables, Name and Race. These will be initialised via text boxes that I’ll add when the UI layer is in. Once the player has set these variables, the PlayerInfo.cs will grab the relevant stats for the Race you have picked via the four constructor classes you can see in the script above.

Otherwise Today we had a brief talk with Adam about Freelancing and taking care of yourself. In Summary:

  • Register as a Sole Trader.
  • Use either Harvest or Freeagent to take care of tracking expenses.
  • As long as you’re tracking income you don’t need a second bank account
  • Business expenses can be submitted to claim back Tax. You can pretty much submit everything but Food and Drink, including Computers and tech purchases. If you work from home you can claim back a percentage of bills etc.
  • Get a good accountant
  • Invoice properly and make sure you get a contract for whoever you’re working for to make sure you’re covered.

The 1-1 also went well. I and Jess were rather confused about whether we should be producing as much documentation as we have been and he said that there was a much higher weighting towards the outcomes this semester and that we should focus more on doing that describing. I was happy to hear this as I’m much more concerned with producing a good prototype than anything else, I should be reflecting once a week just to make sure I’ve covered everything.

In terms of the Project, we should take some of the Environments we’ve produced and stick them into Marvel, this will allow us to check how people interact with the environment and see how they navigate around the Twilleir map. We can use animated GIFS to mimic the behaviour of the game world, and use a survey to check users preferred environments.

We also need to think about producing a website that documents the finished game. I’ve added Web Design to the big old list of things to do.



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