Friday Talks with Adam

For the beginning part of the day, Adam spent some time detailing to us about freelancing and how you go about registering, tax returns etc.

  • Submit tax returns by Jan 31st for previous tax year
  • track expenses and incoming money – use or
  • can’t claim on things like food and drink, only for practice based stuff
  • PAY AN ACCOUNTANT – check you’re covered
  • If you work at home – get some money off of bills etc that you’d be using
  • YOU set up the contract, not the other person
  • Think strategically about costs – how much you charge 
  • Get paid weekly, not monthly

It was useful to have a lecture on this as this has not been something we’ve ever been taught about or know how to start. This talk has definitely helped me to think more about how I can set myself up and I now feel more confident in being able to set myself up as a freelancer after University. 

As well as this, we discussed what next steps we need to do in terms of our social media. We need to get a domain to create a website for Twilleir which I am thinking of addressing in our Sprint next week as I still have a few things I need to get finished over the weekend. It was informative as I didn’t really think about including an actual site for our game, probably because Twilleir hasn’t been developed enough to put anything up but I guess you have to start somewhere. This will be something to think about once Millie has progressed our typeface and visual identity which will help build our social network and we can then start building up the sight.

We had a discussion about the Helping Hand and the Race bonuses to help James with progressing his coding. See James’s post Programming: Controller Classes, Design and Adam for more information.

1-1 Team Meeting with Adam

Had a short meeting with Adam about how we’re doing at the moment and where we think we should be going next:

  • Marvel prototyping – click through using artwork (storyboarding) can click through static images to show how it would work (prototype) – see where people want to click, document this and how we make sure people know what is clickable etc
  • Take photographs now of work and pop into Marvel – can duplicate project and change stuff – can make clickable regions – do survey monkey as to what environment they want/like best = ‘customer’ feedback
  • See if Marvel will embed in WordPress
  • Jess works out interactive stuff on Marvel
  • Slow up on documentation and do it less often = end of the week reflective entries
  • Outcome is weighted more than Documenting – output is more important at this stage
  • More reflection and less documentation
  • Ambitious towards an outcome
  • What you’ve learnt from the stuff you’re doing in reflection
  • Synthesising into outputs than documenting.

So, long story short, I need to cut down on my documenting and spend more time doing. This is going to be quite a different approach to what I’m used to but I feel that it will be what’s best to make sure that our outcome is good enough. By reducing my time spent on documenting as well, it will mean that I can spend more time designing and creating assets for the game and making sure it’s polished and clean artwork.
I will now be looking into Marvel and figuring out what parts would be interactive and what parts would have animations. Once I’ve outlined this, I can try and put it all into a marvel prototype to see how players interact with the game and act on the feedback we get given. 



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