Trip to Treadwells

On our trip to London, we took a detour into Treadwell’s Bookstore in order to gather some more inspiration and references for our Shop environment as well as asset designs for the Crafting room as this acts as an Apothecary. The staff members were really kind and allowed us to take pictures meaning we had full access in getting reference photos.

The bookcases intrigued me, as similar to the Old Apothecary in Lyndhurst, they were of dark wooden colour, had a simple rectangular shape, however, they have a little bit of decoration either on the top of the cabinets or in the shelf design. This has made me think about the sorts of shapes and styles that I can play around with in order to create the right aesthetic. It’s also given me some good ideas for the sort of colours that I can use within the visuals of the game too. 

The bottles also have given me inspiration as to what sort of style they could look like, how big they could be etc. This first-hand research has definitely helped me to create an aesthetic for the environments such as the Shop and Crafting room. This research will help to improve our designs and layouts for Twilleir as we will have lots of references to draw inspiration from. I will be looking to create a mood board for the room environments so as to keep a consistent style and design between myself and Millie. 

I also looked at the styles and designs of the books that they had in the store. There were a lot of new and polished books which weren’t really the sort of style we were going for, however, there were some older and more embellished books which were more of interest. I took some snapshots of examples (below) which I will be using to draw inspiration from when designing book assets for the game.
There was also a piece of furniture (see the first image below on the left) that was of particular interest to me. It was some sort of stand made out of wood that had been shaped into books which were quirky and interesting. It’s these sorts of cool architecture pieces that I’d like to draw inspiration from and create new ones for Twilleir to get across the fantasy feel to the style of the game.

There were quite a few random assets around the store which were really interesting. There were several:

  • Bottles
  • Wands
  • Chests
  • Tools (pestle and mortar)
  • Crytal Balls
  • Candles
  • Cauldrons

These have all given me lots of inspirations for the assets that we could possibly have in the store of Twilleir which was useful as now I can use these for starting points.
There was also a poster (see below, top right image) which was to do with Simple Planetary Magic. Each symbol had three keywords that were attached to it, the one that caught my eye was the Moon one as the keywords were creativity, dreams and divination which is similar to the idea of Twilleir in some ways. Maybe we could use some inspiration from the moon into our logo design or visual identity? Millie will be looking at this and taking it forward in her designs.

Overall, this trip was really useful in gathering resources and references from as now we have more of an idea as to what assets and furniture could work within the shop environment. I was also able to see how Treadwell’s and The Old Apothecary set out the layout of their shop to make it customer friendly. They were often placing their till/customer service space either directly in front of the door or near to it (from the side etc) so it was still easy to see. This has helped me think about the structure of the shop and how it could work effectively to create a customer friendly environment so the game has an element of realism to it in this aspect. 

The next steps from here will be taking these references and starting to flesh out designs. We will not be going to the Old Book Store in Winchester unless we are in need of any specific references as we have already gathered more than enough to start us off in the design process. I will be taking books out on Art Nouveau and Art Deco as well to reinforce the designs and concepts that we make. The reason we will be looking at both is that we feel that the shops within the town shouldn’t all look the same, there should be qualities about them that should be differentiated. With the first-hand references plus the books that I will be getting from the library, we will have plenty of resources to begin designing and developing our game setting in the Shop environment, Bookshelf and Crafting room. 


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