Design Museum Trip

We had a group trip to London where we visited the Design Museum. The Beazley’s Design of the Year awards was interesting yet maybe not completely relevant to our current practice, however, it did show some relevance to thinking about branding in some way; it also gave us some ideas for the Degree Show as well as make me think about ideas for my reflective journal piece. 

I took photographs of certain designs that I felt were either interesting or potentially could be of some use to our project. Specifically, Tatiana Bilbao’s work on the Sustainable house was of interest to me as she’d structured some of her architecture work in an Isometric manner. However, upon more research after the exhibition visit, I found that the one Isometric image she’d had of her building was the only one in isometric so it wasn’t of much help to me. The concept of her building was still interesting as she had come up with a solution to Mexico’s accommodation shortage which has inspired me to potentially look more into using design in mind to solve our world’s problems. 

The Learn From Experience artwork by Sylvia Clarke was one of the exhibits that I thought was clever and I think spoke to quite a few of us on so many levels. This made me first think if there was a book about your death, how you would die, when would you die etc would you pick it up? If you could read a book based on your life experiences, past or future, would you pick it up?
It wasn’t until further discussion within our group that actually, the books seemed to be weighted based on how important she felt the topics were to her life. For example, Death, Heartbreak Vol I and Vol 2 were some of the biggest books so they obviously played a large part in her life’s experiences. It was interesting to see what else was a part of her life’s experiences that she didn’t deem so necessary. It made us all think about how we’d individually weight these topics compared to each other. It provoked conversation as well as made me think about how maybe I shouldn’t be stressing on little topics in my life experiences and instead just ‘live’ and create some great experiences to learn from.
There was one other part of the Ageing exhibition that was relatively shocking as well as pretty damn cool was that there was a bodysuit that helped you to weight your muscles so that your body stays nimble for longer. As cool as that was, that wasn’t the main part that caught our attention. The sign next to it detailed why they had designed with this in mind…

Apparently, my generation is likely to live up to an average of 103+ and the first child to live to 200 years old has already been born.

This shit shook me up quite a bit. It’s made me think about how our society will deal with this what with our world already being majorly overpopulated. What will we look like then? Will we still look youthful? Will we really WANT to live to that age if we’re still getting older and older with more health issues? It’s made me think about some interesting subjects about how we could deal with this using technology etc and think about how is the world preparing for this. This could be an idea to look into for my 1500 word reflective journal piece. 


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