Steam Greenlight Research

Each of us has a task to perform some research to help with the project. I opted to look into the steam greenlight process as we will need as much information as possible if we want a successfully greenlit game at the end of the Semester.

So, Greenlight provides a place for; trailers, a description and photos of gameplay. It is essentially a crowdsourcing platform, and costs $100 to list the game on greenlight, this is meant to prevent joke submissions but that doesn’t tend to work in all cases.

Developers are able to monitor their progress on a developer page which can be seen below. This provides useful information like unique visitors, followers and the most crucial part; votes.



However, I found in my research that many people commented that votes alone don’t get a game through Greenlight. Kickstarter progress, critical acclaim, awards and press coverage is also taken into consideration. This is why it’s important to get on with the marketing as early as possible, on the opposite end, running a long greenlight campaign is not advised. This is because long running campaigns are less successful, you don’t want to treat it like a kickstarter, the more complete a game is when it goes onto greenlight, the more likely it is to do well.

I noted that almost everyone said that the Trailer was the most crucial part of the campaign, for this reason we’ll need to devote a significant amount of time to collecting relevant footage and editing a trailer together. It should be short, snappy and show gameplay!  Showing a lot of interesting gameplay scenarios is crucial.

One user commented; ‘Too many developers upload interviews or trailers or tutorials expaining how the game works, don’t under-estimate the power of a simple gameplay video with actual gameplay! Give the best impression possible in the least amount of time, use exploding transitions and comical narration’. An example would be The Masterplan; it had a good video explaining each character, but I still have no idea what the game is about, I still gave it a vote!

Greenlight’s New section is frequented, so be ready to engage in that first week! A strong launch is so integral to the games success. Games that can express why they’re unique quickly do well, positive attention and press is good, but a good trailer and description is better. It has also been suggested to use a GIF as an Icon, we will brainstorm this at a later stage, this is because having an engaging icon is a big deal.

The description should have a strong first paragraph with a concise paragraph and explain the USPs. Other than that talk to fans and keep them up to date with progress and milestones.

In terms of the game, it should have a theme/subject that stands out, at the end of the day it’s all about the game. Explore a niche and the market to identify where an idea will prosper. Providing localization for multiple platforms and languages also goes down well as well as providing accessibility for those with disabilities.

I quite enjoyed doing the research into this field as I think it will be very applicable for our future careers as well as being useful for this project.


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