Research Trip – Lyndhurst

Using our Next Steps from our GDD, we planned research trips to go on in order to get first-hand research, resources and visuals to fully develop our designs and concepts for Twilleir. Today, we had Lyndhurst on the list which is not too far from Southampton.

I had previously researched and found The Old Apothecary there, however, we also had a wander around some of the shops to see if there would be anything else of use as the town was quaint and had some unique shops.
I didn’t actually take note of the name of this shop we went into but there were lots of brick-a-brack and it had a quirky aesthetic which drew us in. The set-up of the shop was something that interested me. The bookcases seemed to be an actual part of the walls so it meant that everything fitted like a jigsaw. The shelf design was also quite nice, the curves of the bookcase gave a different edge to the conventional ones you tend to see. The wooden sheen it had too gave it a real rustic aesthetic which is the sort of thing we’re looking to go for – this will be consolidated more after we have completed our main bulk of trips over the next week or two.
The bottles and drawers also caught my interest as I felt that these could suit the look of Twilleir; the bottles looked a little bit like the old medicine bottles which made me think the style of bottle.
The till placement was really strange but kind of cool at the same time? It wasn’t rectangular or like anything you’d expect, it was almost a cube surrounding the staff. This gave me lots of inspiration for how the Till desk could look rather than being just a straight rectangular box.
These sorts of assets would be in the shop design so it was useful to stumble upon this shop and gather extra visual references and visuals.(It was also nice to find some Marshmallow Vodka too but that’s another story…) 

Next, we moved on to The Old Apothecary. This shop’s aesthetics were beautiful and summed up how I imagine Twilleir to feel stylistically. The contrast of the dark wooden furniture with the brightness of the products they had are visually pleasant and welcoming and has inspired me to play around with colour placement within the shop in order to work out what is welcoming to the would-be customer.
The overall simple style with a hint of decoration was quaint and cute which has inspired me to think about playing around with simple and decorative designs in order to get a good balance between the two; we don’t want to overcomplicate the style but then again, we don’t want it to look too simple.
Having the mix between simple and decorative also reflects the branding that Millie is undertaking from Derek’s Toolkit workshop.

We will be visiting Treadwell’s Bookstore tomorrow whilst we are on a trip to the Design Museum to gather some more first-hand research for the Shop environment as well starting to get some references for the Bookshelf (was originally called the Library). 
Once we have visited Treadwell’s Bookstore, the Winchester locations and Torquay on the 15th -16th February, we will have enough to start us off in designing environments and assets and get properly into the development process for the art and design.
We felt that it would be a good idea to get all of the big research trips out of the way as soon as possible in order to start the development process of the environments as then it leaves us plenty of time to revisit locations if we need more references as well as allow us to have more time to go on more trips as they’re needed.
I will be using the photographs, videos and sketches I will make and the rest of the team make during these trips in order to create a compilation video – sort of like a Vlog? When this is done, we can upload this to our social media avenues and Youtube in order to get some buzz and interest from our followers.


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