Get Down On It – Meeting Notes

These are the minutes of our meeting. We will be rotating this task weekly between everyone; this week, it’s Jess’s turn.

First point of call:

Research Trips Timeline:

  • Torquay – Torre abbey and Kents Caverns/ Dartmoor National park – do over two days as this allows us to see as much as possible as well as being safe in terms of driving (long trip)
  • Cheddar Gorge – may not be necessary, depends on what resources we can get from the Kent Caverns.
  • Bodiam Castle
  • Treadwell’s Book Store
  • Winchester Bookstore/Cathedral/Town
  • The Old Apothecary

Torquay takes 2 days – 15th/16th –  in process of booking an Airbnb. Aiming to be somewhere near the attractions. (Dungeons/Gardens)

TBC Cheddar Gorge – depends how the Caverns go. (Dungeons)

London – Thursday for trip with course – use trip to go to Treadwell’s bookstore at the same time for primary research. (Shop/Library References)

This week – go to the bookstore and walk around high street/cathedral for pictures and references. (Map/World/Library).

Lyndhurst trip Wednesday (Shop/Apothecary)

Roles – James coding and prototyping
– Millie build and art/design
– Jess art and design


Visual Identity:
* Millie will be in charge of Marketing/branding (visual identity)
* Tycoon and adventure – 2 words going for the main identity from Derek’s workshop
* Colour scheme is good – purples = twilight and dream like

* GDD – like the old style Nintendo game manual – simplicity that focuses on our work inside.
* Motion graphics – starting to learn – can help make trailer later on –  storyboard  
Key Notes:

  • Record meetings/sessions as videos/sound bites to put into blog – easier to get all information documented + minutes
  • Print calendar – a3 black and white – pencil in rough tasks and deadlines

    Outline of everything we need to do.jpgAbove is a list of everything that we are needing to do. We’ve split it up into Systems, UI, Sound, Scenes and Art. From here we will be assigning tasks to individuals through Sprints.

Sprint 1 Outline:


Above is an outline of the minimum that we will be wanting to achieve this week. Monday to Saturday is out working week where Sunday will be used for personal development and skills. This will give us a chance to refine our skills and break up the workflow.


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