Research into Promotion

As I am looking into the promotion side of things, I’ve decided to look more deeply into what some of the best ways are to do this. This came from after Derek’s lecture, as if I had mistaken what branding was about, then I knew that I would need to look into Promotion to ensure that I get Twilleir out in the open successfully. 

I started off by having a preliminary Google to see what sorts of things appeared and that’s when I found an article by David Murdico on ‘How to Sell Apps and Games With Video and Social Media.’
He had devised a list of six ways in which to do this, some of which I hadn’t necessarily thought of. 

  • Promote through a powerful trailer
  • Use content marketing
  • Define your social media voice and fan base
  • Be consistent with your marketing
  • Reach out to blogs, publications and influencers
  • Use the one click rule of getting more downloads

I had thought about a few of these previously, however, I didn’t think much about reaching out to bloggers and influencers as such. After some thought, it dawned on me that we have a connection with a regular Twitch streamer, FlaminFuse, who’s fan base is of the age of our target audience. He has approximately 400 odd viewers too so this means that we could get a large audience.
It could be possible for us to team up with him as we may be able to help each other out. If he were to stream some of our prototypes to his viewers and encourage them to feedback too, then we can get live feedback and testing results. This could mean that we could improve our game at a faster rate, especially if we did surveys on top of this as well as on sites such as Itch. This could also help to create a buzz around the game.
In return, we can also promote FlaminFuse through our Instagram account to help him gain more followers too. I will be considering setting up a Twitter account also as this will mean that we can reach further audiences.

On another interesting article by Lori Hil, she described a site called where you can see what tags reach audiences, how often popular they are etc. This could be really useful to use to effectively promote our game on both Twitter and Instagram. I tried a few hashtags out that I regularly use just to see if these are the right sort of tags to be using and what sort of popularity it has. 

It really helped me to understand what sorts of hashtags would be good to use when promoting our game. Thankfully, I also found that I was using pretty good tags for what we do so this means that we can reach the people we intend to reach to in order to create a fan base surrounding Twilleir.

A final article that I looked at was from Oliver Clarke from who gave some advice as to what sorts of things you would need to consider. Some of which had appeared in the previous articles that I looked at, however, some were new to me and offered me some new insight into new ways of promoting. For example, getting reviews from people. Often when I have needed feedback, we just do surveys or the equivalent but maybe it could be an idea to try and get people to review the game. This way, they are likely to be brutally honest which could help us adapt to the feedback. We could try and get into contact with gamers on Youtube, Twitch and possibly even Twitter in order to get some reviews in to improve our game development.

As well as these, he gives tips on areas based on how things worked out for him which was really useful to get some first-hand knowledge and experience on the subject. For example, in terms of a trailer, I wouldn’t have been too sure as to what angle we should approach, however, Clarke outlines tips that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought about.

  • Spend at least two weeks making it
  • Make it funny
  • Edit it well
  • If you need voice actors, they need to be epic!

This helped me to gain more insight into how to make a trailer that will get noticed. As we’re not at the stage where a trailer could be created, I will bear these tips and advice in mind and will look to revisit them when the time is right. 


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