Reflection of Week One

30th January – 5th February

This week has been quite a slow starter in terms of getting on with our FMPs. Having not had much of a week to recharge, I wasn’t fully prepared to get things going for the production of Twilleir and was getting worried that my motivation wasn’t going to come back to me. Thankfully, after our workshop on Tuesday 31st with Dr James, he helped us to rationalise what we were doing and gut the unnecessary bits and pieces that were adding stress onto our development time. You can find the full blog post here.
By having this group 1:1, it definitely helped me to feel more motivated about continuing with this project as it now seems more feasible and focused. Now, after looking back at the notes we made, I feel that these changes will allow me to work on my skills as a designer and artist in order to make my artworks of better quality. Through this, we can hopefully create a visually interesting and exciting game for semester two. In order to combat this, I will be looking to develop my skills through going to life drawing or comic book club; this way, I will be able to devote time to my skills which I feel are quite weak currently.

As I hadn’t much time to recharge over assessment week due to other deadlines, we decided collectively to start work officially on Friday as then it allowed us all time to get pumped and ready to get on with developing. This definitely helped me and made me realise the importance of taking some time for myself rather than working constantly on projects. This will be something that I will try to get a handle of this semester through time management and the use of the Sprints.

Friday was quite interesting and definitely motivated the team and me to get more excited about our game. I’d never been too interested in anything remotely to do with branding or marketing before, yet after the workshop, I could see the beneficial reasons to doing workshops like this. It not only helps to develop a visual identity for your product, it also feeds into the product itself and creates something which feels more fully developed and rounded. You can find the full blog post here.
It was a busy day on Friday, as I also joined Dr James on one of his lectures on Neural Networks. It was interesting and cool to be shown an example of how a computer can learn and the process that they have to go through to get there. It was also intriguing to consider the ethics that surrounded this subject. If you delete the file that gave your computer ‘life’ through the capability to learn, did you just commit a murder? This could be something for me to consider for my reflective journalistic piece. You can find the full blog post here.

I’ve taken some time over this weekend to also start looking into promoting, especially for games. By doing some background research into promoting, this will be able to help me get my head in the game and create some buzz and interest surrounding our game in time for the exhibitions in June. You can see what I’ve been looking at so far  here. 

Overall, this week has been a slow burner, however, after the talks we’ve had this week I feel more excited and pumped to get on with the production of our game!



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