Kick off to Semester 2 from Adam alongside Branding with Derek Yates

*Ding ding* Round Two!

Before our talk with Derek, Adam discussed with us his plan for semester 2 and the deadlines that he is expecting us to meet. By having this talk, it has helped me to think about how our sprints could fit alongside the plan that Adam has devised.
When the Twilleir Team come together at the beginning of next week (Monday 6th Feb) we will be working through and constructing our Sprint stages so by having this talk now, this will help us to see if we’re on the right track.


We then had an informative talk from Derek Yates about using branding to create a Visual Identity for our FMP games. I’d thought before that if we had a logo, colour scheme and a name with some cool font then that was sort of “branding done”, however, I swiftly began to realise that this wasn’t the case and that we had a whole lot of other elements to think about if we wanted to be successful; Derek seemed to make this quite clear.

To start, he showed us some videos from Moving Brands to give us all a flavour of what good branding should and could look like.
The Resistance 3 trailer was excellent and really showed a coherence in its design and style. We could tell instantly what sort of game it was, the feel of the game all mainly through the use of their three part colour scheme, red, white and black. This made me think about how important it is to really nail down a colour scheme and how we will need to revisit this as we had quite a range of colours we were thinking of using last semester.

After this, we saw the BBC Iplayer Kids branding development and it made me think about how it’s not just the font that is important, it’s the way that it also behaves which is key. To mirror the child-like feel, they played around with how the typeface could move and interact within its parameters. This was really interesting and something we will need to address. There were development snapshots and videos which demonstrated how much time and effort was spent in creating their visual identity which hit home how important the branding and promotion of your game is – you could think you have the swankiest game ever, but if you don’t have the visual identity, it’s just another cog in the machine and no one’s going to give a damn.
Millie showed an interest in creating a visual identity for Twilleir last year so I feel that this could be right up her street. If this is what she chooses to work on, as I am quite interested in the promoting aspect of games, we could work together to get our brand/game out there early on and start to build an online presence? 

We then all worked alongside Derek to create a toolkit based off of a workshop of Claudia and Bobbie’s game. To begin with, we had to come up with six words that described our game, whether it be genre, style, aim etc in order to then use these words to start developing the toolkit. See our words below:


This was quite difficult for our game as there is a range of different elements to our game, despite it being gutted a few days ago. However, we tried to pick ones that were the main concern – for instance, Fantasy acts as a category for other words such as dreams and magic so we went with Fantasy.
Our six words ended up being: 

  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Rustic
  • Challenge 
  • Tycoon
  • Growth

From this, we used the toolkit we devised with Derek in order to break our game down further. For example, the word ‘Fantasy’, what sort of typeface would explain this? Decorative? Rugged? These were the sorts of elements we explored. Below is the toolkit.

The Toolkit:

  • Type/Letterforms
  • Behaviour/Movement
  • Sounds
  • Colours/Patterns/Textures
  • Layout

Millie came up with a creative and easy to use “paper flip thing” which meant we could expand on our chosen words without having stray pieces of paper everywhere.

This activity was incredibly useful as we were able to explore our game deeply and extract elements from it that maybe we hadn’t considered before. Such as, if we had to pick two words out of six to describe Twilleir, what ones would they be? By doing this, we could figure out what sort of typefaces we could have, what colours could be used etc. Another technique Derek suggested was that we look back through the six words and find the words that have the most similar answers. For instance, Adventure and Fantasy both were thought to have some form of decorative script. By finding the similarities, it could help us form a simple yet powerful branding for Twilleir.

The whole Twilleir Team enjoyed the workshop and it certainly helped us to think about our design choices and how to create a beautiful brand for our game. After discussing potential roles for this, we collectively decided that as Millie showed a great interest in this workshop and worked on the visual identity last semester, she will be assigned the role of Marketing and Branding. As I had already started by setting up an Instagram account for the game, I will be taking on the role of Promotion and will be looking to do some research into how to do this. James will be working on focusing on the process Steam Green Light as this will prove beneficial to us knowing what the guidelines are and if there are any demands etc so that we are fully prepared.
As well as discussing these roles, we also took the time to outline the roles that we will be working on this semester as Millie was absent due to sickness when we last spoke of this. This will help us to stay on track with production tasks and objectives in our sprints as we will all have a certain focus.

The job roles are now:

  • James
  • Coding and Operation: Green Light

  • Millie
  • Building and Operation: Marketing and Branding

  • Jess
  • Art and Operation: Promotion

On Monday 6th February, we will be meeting as a team to:

  • Assign specific tasks and objectives
  • Producing a rough Development Timeline
  • From this creating weekly Sprints
  • Assigning dates to research trips



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